Carefully Nurturing Seeds And Reaping The Rewards

Carefully Nurturing Seeds And Reaping The Rewards

If you want to start something overnight and make a quick buck then don't go into farming! It's an industry that rewards patience, perseverance and holding your nerve against uncertainty and these same qualities have been invaluable for us over the last two years since we decided to start making biltong.

Much like the seeds we plant early each year, with some careful cultivating, nurturing and a watchful eye it's possible to reap something great when you're prepared to give it some time and plenty of attention.

We've recently finished our autumn harvest of wheat and barley, this period prompts an even more keen eye for the weather forecast than usual as conditions for harvesting need to be right, else risking the quality of an entire crop. For a number of weeks prior the combine harvester is removed from it's cocoon in the machinery shed, checked, double checked and checked once more for good measure. When the weather is on your side you don't want to be scuppered by skimping on maintenance in the workshop!

Combine harvester

Then finally when conditions are right she roars into life, running around the clock if needs be, we're only finished once the job's done and weather waits for no-one (as we well know....).

After the precious, golden grain has been collected it's hurried away to a safe store, protected from the elements, ready and waiting for the winter where it's value will be realised. The straw left on the ground is normally baled within hours and if possible, back on the farm the same day. The bales have been stacked together to make what looks like a gigantic fort, wrapped under a tarpaulin for shelter from the winter rain and ready to keep livestock clean and warm in the colder months.

This isn't the only gold that has flourished on the farm this summer however. We were delighted to have been awarded Great Taste awards for both of our biltong products this August with our original flavour scooping a prestigious 2 star rating. The start-up business that was a mere seedling at the beginning of this year has begun to flourish and we'd like to say thanks to everyone who has come along for the journey and given their support along the way.

Back to the farm and the fields which have just witnessed harvest are already being prepared and re-seeded for next year's crop. Similarly, instead of sitting back and admiring our precious golden stars, we're full steam ahead towards the next step of our story, sit tight for some very exciting news soon!

Great Taste Awards

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