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Perfect birthday gift

My husband love his gift! The best Biltong he’s ever tasted! Plus definitely purchase again!

Great quality, full of flavour Biltong

Have purchased a couple of times from here. Each time, the items arrived quickly and well packaged. I’ve tried the original which is full of flavour, the chilli which is slightly hot and the blazing chilli which has a nice kick to it. The meat is of excellent quality and tender, without any gristle.

I have also tied the California Reaper chilli spiced Biltong. The distinctive and unique flavour from this type of chilli is evident, the meat is packed full of flavour. However, be warned the initial kick from the chilli develops over 1-2 minutes until it becomes extremely hot! A great one to try…

Bulk Bag Biltong - 1kg

Biltong Sticks (Unsliced)
John - East London
The best biltong about.

I have been eating Biltong since I first grew teeth, now 41. Have tried many different types and from different companies and I can honestly say this is up there with the best you can find, possibly the best! Good original Biltong recipe!
The only downside is I try to leave it out to dry even further but is impossible as it is so irresistible I just end up eating it.
Great for after workout snack, high quality protein direct to your muscles! 10/10
Cheers FOF!

Bulk Bag Biltong - 500g
Graham Hornsby

Bulk Bag Biltong - 500g


This Biltong is by far the best I have had in a very long time, the supermarkets are currently flooded with Biltong and Jerky that is very poor and nothing like the real thing. This stuff is the real deal and full of quality and flavor. Buy it if you love Biltong.

Sorry I have no photo to show as I ate it straight away :-)

Hazardous preservative is used

Unfortunately found out only after buying that potassium sorbate is used as a preservative. This is a substance which is banned in EU and considered hazardous to human. :(

Great gift for my partner

Bulk Bag Biltong - 250g
Nicholas Somers
Great value Biltong

Your Biltong is some of the best i have tasted. The flavour is delicious and extremely moreish! I will be definitely be ordering more.


Myself and a couple of friends sampled all of the biltong that From Our Farm offer, and compared them to a number of other biltong/jerky products. These were by far the most tender and flavoursome, with the least additional sugar. My favourite personally is the Tumeric, whereas one of my friends throughly enjoyed the Carolina Reaper (too hot for me). I would thoroughly recommend all of the biltong that From Our Farm produce, and love that I can get a pack while I am enjoying a pint in one of our local bars.

Ridiculously good, MUST TRY biltong!

Hands down the best Biltong I’ve ever eaten, I got the variety pack. I’ve just had the original… and I can’t stress how glorious it was! If you love Biltong and enjoy a quality snack, you have to try this! It’s incredible! I can’t wait to work my way through the various flavours.. I’m slightly terrified by the reeper seasoning… but I can’t not eat this stuff! It’s outstanding quality! I love it, thank you so much! See you soon

Carolina Reaper Biltong
Andrew Robinson
Too hot for me 🌶️🌶️

I love biltong but the Carolina reaper one was too hot to eat. I thought I was being clever. Not your fault. Will order normal biltong next time.


Best biltong I have ever tasted in the UK

Caroline Reaper Biltong

Loved it, didn't disappoint with the chilli heat, not for the feint hearted. After my first bag, I made sure I had a pint of milk handy for the next!
Love hot chillies, will be ordering again, my son also as I recommended to him

Original Biltong
Neil Mcclelland
Biltong the Bells are Going to Chime!!

Lovely jubbly Biltong - beefy, slightly peppery , mind blowing ,unexplainabley good-love the texture - good with a glass of beer .

Beef Dripping
Antonio Smith
Use for skincare

I bought this to make my own skincare and it's an absolute game charger and so cost effective. I love it and will reorder once my supply is running low.

Not as before

The meat is very hard and the chunks bigger than in the previous bags

Fantastic Biltong

Amazing texture and flavour on the Biltong -rich looking Duck Fat and Beef Dripping which I’m saving for Christmas use - lovely bottle of beer to wash it all down .Proper Job

Great tasting beef dripping and I love the natural colour .

Chilli Biltong
A Boardman
The best I've found

I've had biltong from 4 different makers recently and I've been lucky in that they were all good. But FOF's chilli was the best! A decent amount of heat but not too much, and proper thickness of cut. A mouthful of meaty goodness. I'll be back.

Great taste and great price

Very happy with the biltong- delicious

Fine product

Being a biltong buff, it's hard to find a product like this that has the shelf life, packaging and taste, but this is the holy grail. It’s a quality dry biltong with great initial flavour and a lasting depth of flavour. As a carnivore, I only try to eat grass-fed/finished beef, so the flavour profile and ingredient provenance tick all the boxes (aside from the glucose). These guys know their craft, and my only preference would be a bit more fat, but I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea!

1kg Selection Box
Christopher Jones

Very nice and excellent qualty - one of the best I’ve had

Bulk Bag Biltong - 1kg
Carol Metcalfe
beef jerky

hi unfortunately my son can't eat because of the preservatives in it. I bought a kilo!!! tried to spend to a person before buying. twice infact but nobody responded. Another lesson learned

Good munch

Good munch