Traceability - What Does PGI Welsh Mean?

As a family with over a century of farming in our blood, nothing is more important to us than producing sustainable, grass-fed beef which provides an incredible eating experience every time. 

When we started making biltong in 2018 we exclusively used beef reared on our own holding within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. As demand has grown we have started sourcing meat from other farmers across Wales with the same passion for grass-based livestock farming. To ensure all the meat we use is farmed using the same traditional methods employed by our family, we only use beef reared under the PGI Welsh Beef scheme.

PGI (Protected Geographical Indicator) is an accreditation given to outstanding food produced in specific regions of the world. Some of the most well known PGI accredited food and drink includes Champagne from the North East of France, Prosciutto ham made using Italian pigs and the Pembrokeshire early new potatoes grown here in West Wales.

For meat to achieve the PGI Welsh Beef status it must be reared to certain criteria including;

  • All cattle to be born and raised in Wales
  • Reared predominantly on natural grass pastures
  • Be fully traceable to a recognised farm assurance scheme

PGI assures consumers that their Welsh Beef has full traceability, recognising the origin and unique qualities of the product. Only PGI Welsh Beef is guaranteed to be sourced from cattle born and reared in Wales that are fully traceable.

It's is also a hallmark for the traditional and sustainable farming methods typically employed by family owned farms across Wales, the foundations of which are the use of natural rainfall, low density grazing and mixed agriculture systems, which encourage regular crop rotations and maintain the great soil health found across Wales. Look out for the logos next time you're shopping for great quality red meat.