What is Biltong?

Although our biltong is made just a stone's throw from our own Pembrokeshire Farm, with prime cuts of PGI Welsh Beef - Biltong is originally a South African delicacy. Beef Biltong more specifically is a cured meat snack which originated from African countries, such as Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Although similar to Beef Jerky in some ways, it is quite different. Biltong was first designed to offer travellers a high nutritional value snack on long journeys and a method of preserving meats before the dawn of refrigeration. Although we supply Beef biltong, biltong historically could be almost any animal - which has been rubbed with salt and dried out. The term biltong originates from the two Afrikaans words bill (which means rump) and tong (which means strips).

Our Beef biltong, which is slices of prime Welsh beef salted and dried, is incredibly healthy compared to other snacking options. It has almost no sugar and each serving contains between 15 and 16 grams of protein per portion. It’s excellent for anybody to enjoy, and even better for those on high exercise regimes - who want a delicious source of protein.