Biltong - The High Protein, Low Sugar Snack

Say no to protein shakes and yes to biltong

Looking for that perfect post exercise recovery food or a healthy snack to keep you going on the move? Let us introduce you to biltong! It's high protein, low sugar, tastes brilliant and ours is made from 100% prime Welsh beef 

Whether you’re deadlifting in the gym, pounding the pavement in your running shoes or making a last minute surge on the rugby or football field, there’s one fact that is universal to all exercise – once you’ve finished a workout your body craves one thing above all others; protein.

This is where biltong steps in – produced from one of the very best protein sources (red meat) it absolutely delivers the protein hit needed after a workout (our biltong typically contains 15-16g of protein per 35g portion) and tastes great! It’s also low in sugar, relatively low in fat and is suitable for those following a gluten free, dairy free, keto or paleo diet. See our full range of sliced and un-sliced biltong here!

The other key element to post exercise recovery is to ensure you take on protein as soon after exertion as possible. Many studies refer to the 45-minute “magic window” after exercise where your body is able to uptake protein at an enhanced rate and begin the best recovery possible. It may sound a while but by the time you get changed and travel home it’s all too easy to miss out, especially if you need to prepare a high protein meal once you get through the door.

Biltong solves this problem by being ready to eat with absolutely zero prep and suitable to store at room temperature. No need for a fridge, it can live in your kit bag ready for you to start snacking the moment you stop training or, even in your pocket like commonwealth silver medallist Harry Tanfield, check out his review of our biltong below!

Harry Tanfield Cyclist Review

harry tanfield cycling with biltong

What’s the big deal about protein anyway?

The absolute key to post-exercise-recovery, protein allows your body to rebuild and repair the damage sustained after physical exertion. Only once your body has fully recovered from an effort, can you realise the extra strength, stamina or endurance that your session was designed for.

So what other protein rich foods (in addition to biltong!) should you be reaching for once you’ve regained your breath? There is a whole spectrum when it comes to sources of protein but there are essentially two main groups of post exercise foodstuff: real food and supplements.

Real food is exactly what it sounds like, non-refined and clearly recognisable as food. As for high protein foods, some of the best sources are meats, fish, eggs and dairy products plus there are a variety of high protein vegetables such as mushrooms, spinach, broccoli and kale. Once thing that should be noted however, is that all protein is not equal; proteins found in meat and fish are more similar to human protein than those found in plants. They are referred to as ‘complete’, as they contain all the essential amino acids required for your body to function normally. This isn’t to say that plant derived protein won’t assist you in recovering from exercise, but you will need to use a range of sources and not just plump for one vegetable. Because of this, it’s important to note that the source of your protein is just as important as the amount you are eating.

Supplements are further processed foodstuffs such as protein powders, shakes and bars and quite often are refined substances, typically derived from dairy foods e.g. whey protein powder. They boast the nutritional attributes that an athlete may be looking for but quite often this comes at the detriment of flavour and aren’t particularly enjoyable to eat!

So there you have it! The ideal post exercise snack to ensure your body benefits from the best possible recovery and you reap the rewards of your training as soon as possible. You can browse our range of delicious biltong and buy online today by clicking here.